This was the phrase that our host mom Violeta kept saying over the weekend when we stayed at a local Macedonian home stay. She said that back then, there were plenty of jobs and people came knocking on their doors asking whether or not they wanted to work. She would make eight hundred euros a month and her husband made two thousand. After Yugoslavia disintegrated and firms were privatized, jobs were difficult to come by.
Growing up in a capitalistic, democratic nation, this is the kind of “blasphemy” that you would never come across. Things like this indicates that although we live in a free, politically correct country, our education – what we are taught and what we are told to read (ie animal farm) nonetheless tells us what to think (ie communism/socialism is bad)
Now I am not passing judgement on what’s a better political or economic system for Macedonia. After all, a country’s performance is closely linked with other countries’ development. A capitalistic Macedonia has surely has its virtues, but one wonders how well it is working out for the country when country folks like Violeta make statements like these.