Macedonian staple food is tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, and yogurt, plus some sort of meat dish. It is generally quite good, except at the hotel ovce pole. More about that later. I will start with the good food.

The Good
At Ohrid, for breakfast the hotel owner lady Mira made us omelette with ham salad:


That night, she made us dinner. It was fantastic. Skopska salad (typical macedonian salad; i probably spelled it wrong) with fish and lemon


The night before, we ate sarma, which is a greek dish of rice and meat wrapped in grape leaves and cooked in broth


Fried zucchini, also from that night


Really good fish soup. This was all for under ten bucks


The Bad
As I have mentioned before, our hotel ovce pole is not the best hotel in the world. They also supply our daily meals, which is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Over my past two weeks here, I have had one meal that I considered good and ate everything. Usually we just feed most the leftovers to the cat Hector. Food at the hotel is overwhelmingly salty. We usually get an appetizer – salad which is some combination of cucumbers, tomatoes, pepper, and onion. The main dish is usually something fried, like salty breaded chicken as tonight’s dinner shows.


The Ugly
Breakfast, which we eat on site at 8am, is also prepared by the hotel. It’s always either a bun with a slab of cheese + unidentified meat slice, or bread with unevenly spread out feta cheese, and yogurt on some days


And there you have it! A cursory review of the delicacies and pitfalls of the Macedonian diet.