Everyday, we find dozens of pottery pieces. In fact, we find so many that we discard the uninteresting pieces (body shards that we can’t identify the type of pottery with) and keep diagnostic pieces such as rims, bases, decorations.
A decorated body shard:

A newly excavated pottery piece:


Sometimes, we find more exciting things…
Last week, we found a little bronze jug. So cute!

Today, we found a tablet that has an inscription on it. It is a first for the site. The writing is in greek letters but the language probably is not greek. Paionian?? People we’re joking about whether or not the sign says “Welcome to Bylazora” and Bill, the head archaeologist, joked that it says “Bylazora, 25km south”, which would mean that we have been digging for nothing. Hehe!
Macedonian worker cleaning off the stone (these middle aged macedonian workers like to work topless especially when it’s hot.. Urgh. Bill is the bearded man in the back):

The stone:


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