I heard something very interesting today from new girl Amy who just joined us this week. When I was asked whether or not working in Bylazora makes me want to be an archaeologist, I responded that no, it is good to do it for four weeks but I wouldn’t be able to do it for a long time, it is just too tiring! Amy then told me that not all archaeology programs are the same : for example, when she participated in a “historical archaeology” dig in Greece, she was on her hands and knees all the time excavating things with a trowel and brush (yes, we do do that too, but more on that later). They rarely saw any wheelbarrows or picks! I think many other sites hire workers to do the heavy lifting and the archaeologists do the troweling and picking. I suppose that at Bylazora we get a comprehensive overview of an excavation, or maybe this is the price to pay for this free program šŸ™‚