On tuesday, after a morning of excavation, I went to Stobi with four other of my friends from the dig. Stobi was a large city from Roman times – now it is just a large archaeological site off the highway. It was originally discovered about a century ago when a french archaeologist found it according to literature that stobi was built “where two rivers converge”. At the site, we met a Macedonian archaeologist who used to work with one of our teammates, Phil, at an excavation in southern Macedonia. Thus, we got to tour the site for free and with a professional guide!
This is a baptism pool in a church! Meet peacock, who also makes an appearance on the 10 denari (approx 20 cents) macedonian bills.

Isn’t she pretty? The mosaic work is very intricate. I quite like the Macedonian denari bills and I think I will write an entry about them later.

More mosaic

They also have a theater-turned-colosseum at stobi. Its pretty much the same as any other roman theater but here many seats have the names of the regulars etched onto them!

On our way back, we saw immense fields of sunflower! That explains why we eat so much sunflower oil every day…