I realized I have not given much explanation on what exactly we are digging through..
We are excavating the fabled Bylazora, the capital of the Paionians back in the days. For the longest time, the capital of the Paionians was believed to be in the current city Beles, for no reason more than the similarity in the name. There has been no documentation on where exactly lies the site of Bylazora. However, in the past few years it has been suspected the Bylazora is in fact by the town of sveti nikole, perched on a hilltop. So far a ceremonial pool has been found, and so has a main road that leads into the city and a ceremonial gateway and altar. Along with it are several houses/shops. We are searching for the temple and any other conclusive evidence like pottery, seals, or coins to support that this site is in fact that of Bylazora.
So, for the past week in a half I have been digging in trenches. We have hit some iron age stuff in my first trench which was right next to the end of the road/where the altar lies. That trench was super deep, higher than me!

Then, for the past week and a half I have been working in a larger trench where we found a pebble floor – spent many hours scratching the floor out, some mud bricks that could outline a house, stones, and of course a lot of pottery. Hopefully I will be able to share some exciting finds soon!