My team here is populated with Americans, Australians, and the British. Thus, I have decided to compile a running list of the different lexicon in British english and our cultural differences.

– knickers: my roommate Shelley who is british calls panties knickers.
– tkmax: the English equivalent of tjmax is tkmax
– “have a shower” instead of “take a shower” apparently both British and Australian
– “right” is said in British English instead of “all right”. When Shelley said it the first few times, I thought she was expressing displeasure/ sarcasm before I realized that she meant to say okay.
– “Peter out” seems to mean something like “thinning out”
– “get on” means “get along with”, not to be confused with “get it on”
– “bogen” describes rednecks in Australia. Check urban dictionary for the exact definition. There’s also a song on YouTube about them