I bid farewell to Jeff and Edward today as they head to ireland and I make my way to Macedonia. I was to take an overnight buts from Istanbul to Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. I was feeling a little nervous about the long trip when my anxiety was temporarily alleviated by two guys also on the same bus en route to ohrin (?) that were american, Turkish, and Macedonian. New friends for the journey! Yay! Unfortunately, I lost them as they said they were going to get some snacks for the trip then did not come back to the bus before the bus pulled away. O… I hope they are able to make it here on tomorrow night’s bus…. As the bus pulls out of Istanbul so went my chances of meeting English speaking people on the bus.
I sat next to an old lady (grandma) who was traveling with her husband, daughter (mom), and two children, a girl and boy. Everyone was curious about the one Asian girl on the bus and they stared, smiled and tried to ask me questions in Macedonian slash Turkish. Unfortunately I don’t understand any of it so we someone communicated using little English facial expressions and hand gestures. I tried to explain to them the difference between Taiwan, Japan, china, Thailand etc by drawing them a map of where I’m from. Hopefully they learned something out of it. They also gave me a lot of food and bought me coffee, and one of my neighbors even took a photo with me on the bulgarian border. Friendly Macedonians! Turns out they are Albanians living in Macedonia, I think.