Our accommodations stand out in the landscape of the town. It is a tall hotel 10 minutes walking from the town and stands alone within the fields. I am not sure what they plant around here as it looks all like hay at the moment.
At the hotel I met american Patrick. I expressed to him that a large hotel as ovce ponce seems to be an oddity here in such a small town. Patrick says that the owner saw it as a good investment as there was a highway that was built right next to the location thirty years back. Unfortunately, it was bypassed by another highway subsequently which is why it is run down now. Apparently, the first and second floors are quite nice and it is where politicians take their mistresses and where hookers are taken. No comment. People also do weddings here on the weekends.

Patrick introduced me the petite town of sveti nikole. On the way, we met two goats that were apparently lawn mowers. Very nice! We also saw a chicken and some ducklings in the stream. Town is small but seems to have everything, except laundry facilities. Bought some stuff and the Macedonian numbers I learned came in handy.